Online Promotion and Branding

Promoting your site in the most user friendly way The web has become a jungle of sorts. Finding a good site can become a horrendous task. And if you have a site of your own to promote, then you are dealing with an issue which demands superior attention. How to get noticed online and how to grab the center stage in terms of popularity? Is there anything one can do to become customer’s delight? There certainly is! Employ a company which bears all your worries and still gets the highest productivity for you. The one which puts you in the winning shoes. So, look no further. Yes, you are at the right place. ALIF IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. helps you cover the various milestones with ease.

We basically do this by following methods.

Relevant and prolific search engine optimization

You will agree that how a site performs on various search engines goes a long way in deciding its growth on the popularity charts. This comes about by effective search engine optimization. And we do it by selecting the right keywords for you, doing far sighted link building and exchange, involving taciturn copy writing and popularizing your site through social media marketing. At the helm of all this, you will find extra creativity which will set you apart from your competitors!

Putting Social Media to your advantage

Without an iota of doubt, social media is the strongest marketing tool available today. Our dedicated social media campaign for you makes sure that you are active on sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. Your site has outbound links to these sites and yes your brand image is strengthened along the way. And we also make sure that these sites give you the maximum exposure.

Strong Hosting

Without a strong hosting plan for your site, the promotion will be like finding stars in broad daylight. That is, it will not deliver results. With ALIF IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. superior hosting plans you get 99.9% uptime along with the right mix of disc space and bandwidth. You also get a number of email accounts and protection for domain name registration. All this and more will ensure the right promotion at the right cost. Look at our domain hosting plans for more details.

Adopting various means of promotion

These involve result oriented e-mail marketing, viral marketing, PPC campaigns and display advertising. Blogging and composition of effective content are some of the other means to reach your target customer base. Flash animation provides that edgy marketing to your site and hence makes visitors throng the site time and again.

Keeping your visitors glued

Isn’t it important to keep your visitors engaged with you? You’ll agree that it is indeed imperative to bring them closer to you. This we do by always putting fresh, original and creative content on the site. In a nutshell, we actually put ourselves in the customer’s shoes and bring forward what they really want.